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  • Keep hair from getting greasy, get a thicker, healthier, fuller-looking hair.

    How to get rid of greasy and thinning hair? You might need to use quality hair products that promote healthy hair growth and the same time cleanse your hair and scalp properly. If you have an extremely greasy scalp and hair strats to fall out, you might need to pick some hair growth shampoo to d...

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    1640 days ago

  • What you can do to treat hair loss or thinning hair at home?

    Male thinning hair is hard on the ego but it can be a personal catastrophe for female. Throughout the ages there have been all kinds of home cures, many of which contain high levels of vitamins for hair. That explains why some of them work in the first place. Interestingly most home remedies are ...

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    1640 days ago